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Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

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Wet and Dry Commercial  Vacuum Cleaner

This 30L wet/ dry vacuum cleaner is spe-cially designed for removing solids, liquids or powders in a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial situations. It is easy to manoeuvrer with 4 castors. It has the power and capacity for large water re-covery jobs and dry debris pick-up. The dry commercial unit has powerful motor and capacity whilst the wet unit is ideal for wa-ter spills.


* Stainless Steel Body for durable use

* With blowing function, satisfy with all users

* Wet & Dry Operation

* Locking Knobs for securing the top and body

* Washable filter

* Extra socket on top for other add on ap-pliance

* Waterproof power switch

* Carrying handles and 4 wheels for easy transport

* Jack on the base, easy for depositing ac-cessories

* Safety device to guarantee motor well working


Input power: 1400W

Voltage: 240V~50Hz

* Capacity: 30 Litres

* Vacuum degree: >16Kpa

Tank Volume :70L    

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